‘Self discovery’ – A way to personal advancement and professional effectiveness

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I am the EARTH that nurtures, sustains and embraces diversity!

– My personal metaphor



Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy

This was my discovery at a ‘Brand New You’ workshop I attended this week. Our facilitator Dr. Clare, http://www.beckett-mcinroy.com, took us on a daylong discovery of our inner wants and trapped ambitions. The final crescendo was to choose a metaphor that described and encompassed us, and then one by one confidently announce it for all to hear.



I was a little skeptical about attending this course, as it was very different to project management and business courses I normally attend, furthermore I wasn’t sure I needed self discovery or branding. However, I’m glad I went; this course was certainly thought provoking. It made me think more deeply about my personal vision and values that drive me. Each one of us visualized what failure would feel like, identified gremlins or saboteurs that limited and immobilized us and we combatted them through well-facilitated symbolism, visual and written activities.


Beckett-McInroy, 'Brand New You' Workshop

Participants – ‘Brand New You’ Workshop

This was definitely different to any team building away day, workshop or activity I had experienced. As a group of 20 plus strangers, I was surprised at how quickly we were facilitated to become comfortable enough to speak honestly and openly about our fears, hopes and ambitions. This discovery was meaningful, powerful and very emotional for some members of the group.


I do see how the process of self-discovery forces us to ask important questions about ourselves. The answers should focus us to better attain our personal goals, ultimately resulting in happiness and self-fulfillment, whether professional or personal. I believe this can only be positive for individuals and for others they interact with.


I thought about my experience on the course and my work place, where surely unknown hopes, fears and ambitions reside within each colleague. I wondered what the result would be if our teams and departments were collectively put together on a similar ‘discovery’ experience where everyone opened up and shared their intimate thoughts about their work environment.


I wonder if a shared discovery experience such as this could produce more bonded, focused and productive teams.  I’m sure it would!


How comfortable are you about sharing your professional hopes, fears and ambitions with your work colleagues?

What result would you expect from a group activity like this for your department or team?



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